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How to Install the GUI

Basic Requirements

  • Java JDK(1.4 or higher)

Install the GUI

Change your current working directory to srlmLogMonitor/. Configure the GUI with the guiBuild script (pass the server IP address as an argument). (See Example Below).

[prompt]# cd srlmLogMonitor/
[prompt]# ./guiBuild X.X.X.X

Starting the Server GUI

Run the go script (See Example Below).

[prompt]# cd srlmLogMonitor/
[prompt]# ./go

Server Overview

The Log Monitor Java Application is a GUI for monitoring and configuring systems. Once logs are defined, they may be assigned to specific machines for monitoring. Once a system is updated, that system's logrotate configuration file is updated. Each time a client connects to the server, it gets a new copy of its logrotate configuration file if a new version is available. Triggers can also be defined, and if the GUI is running, it will automatically warn you if a trigger is detected in an appropriate log file.

Once the configuration is completed, you can create/edit/remove triggers from the "Trigger Definition" Tab.

Screenshot of Trigger Definitions Tab

The logs can be associated with systems on the "Update Systems" Tab.

Screenshot of Update Systems Tab

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